Morning Exercises

by Larry Tipton

The sun shone down on the deck, but offered little in the way of warmth against the morning chill. Luckily, I already had my big old mug o' java to warm my innards as I plopped down in front of my laptop. Momentarily distracted by the dull roar of the incoming surf and the gulls crying above the nearby dunes, I soon turned my attention back to the task at hand -- this morning's 6S entry. Should it be a vain attempt at overkill, cramming as many words as possible into a bastardized conglomeration of hyphens, commas, semicolons, and run-on sentences? I decided against that, and instead painted a pleasant scene on my word processor. The morning's mental and creative exercises now complete, I laced up my running shoes to tackle the physical element next.


Larry Tipton, author of Frozen Diners, lives in the Midwest with his wife Raul and sons Peggy & Beatrice (not their real names). He is currently holding a raging internal debate on the use of "flammable" vs. "inflammable." He suffers from "The Gout," and once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.