Frozen Diners

by Larry Tipton

The velociraptor awaited in his icy prison, his body still near stasis yet his mind as quick as ever. He could sense his whole pack, frozen nearby. It wouldn't be long now - the humans had seen to that with their selfish dumping of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. His former planet, his former life would soon thaw back into existence. And he would be back on top of the food chain once again. Soon.


Larry Tipton is a glorified underacheiver who still enjoys eating Crunch Berries for breakfast. He looks forward to the time when he is old and grumpy enough to be hired as a Marshall for a public golf course. He lives in the Midwest with his wife, two sons, and a cat that is not named "Gretzky."


golfwidow said...

Damn those humans.

Madam Z said...

No, no, Mr. Velociraptor! It's not us humans; it's the COWS! Those damned cows belching out tons of methane! Eat them first!

(P.S. I love your title.)

Adam J. Whitlatch said...

Woot! Velociraptors! Would I be considered a traitor if I root for them? Love it, love it.