Single Malt Scotch

by Debra the Barmaid

He sniffs deeply despite my warning, and rears back at the surprising burn. "You said I should try a mellower one for my first time," he says. "Are you sure this is a mellower one?" I nod, and he takes a sip, this time remembering what I said about forming a spoon with his tongue and holding the liquid there. After he finally swallows, he turns to me and says, "Wow." I don't know if he has any idea how excited I am that there's one more thing I love that I can share with him.


Debra the Barmaid used to work in publishing, where she had to read some of the worst first novels in the history of bad first novels. Now she slings drinks at a New York City bar and writes about that, and about other parts of her life, at The Barmaid Blog.