Light at the End of the Tunnel

by Loobell

I feel despair like a massive black hole, crushing antimatter that breaks the soul and weighs the shoulders, there is no way out. It’s as if the very sun is blacked out and my soul lies crushed by consolidation of snow-drifts from this winter of discontent. Then one day, suddenly, I feel the warmth of the sun on my back again and it slowly thaws through the icy prisoner I had become. It happened, as I watched you sleeping peacefully on my pillow, a pale chink of morning sunlight caressing your forehead gently as you dozed. You opened one eye sleepily as I watched you in wonder, smiled at me shyly and reached out to lovingly touch my face, but you touched so much more. At that moment, I realized that I had found a reason to laugh and live again and what bound me to the blackness simply ebbed away.


Loobell - harassed middle aged mother, badly lapsed blogger - is fed up with taking the blame. She is the author of To My Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband.


Jp said...

A good follow up to "To My Soon To Be..." I love the phrase "pale chink of sunlight."

Bob Jacobs said...

Nice transition here, Loobell. Enjoyed the read.

austere said...

You've captured that silver lining perfectly. thanks for writing this.

Quin said...

moving on in life should be shown in well turned phrases, giving us hope. you've done that here.

Big Ev said...

Again, what a wonderful follow up to your first 6S. I think you were trying to steal his watch though, you missed that bit out!

Well done Loobell, once again you have warmed my heart.