To My Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband

by Loobell

Thank you for your explanation, I see you through different eyes; not the eyes of a lover, even a friend, I no longer feel comfort when I see you. When you said that I’d let myself go, not only did you cut me to the quick, but you told a blatant untruth to make yourself feel better about your infidelity. We should be growing old together and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done, watching our precious children go off into the big wide world. I finally understand what you are, what you have always been and anguish has formed deep in my soul for my lost good years. Well now it’s my time, so let me ask you for a favour, you surely owe me one for my years of selfless dedication to you. Hold my towel - I’m taking a well earned dip in Lake Me.


Loobell - harassed middle aged mother, badly lapsed blogger - is fed up with taking the blame.