The Hunt

by James Boyt

Patiently, he waited; his prey would happen by soon enough, and he would be ready. As he listened in the silence, he could hear his own pulse, his heart beating furiously as the blood raced around his body. His excitement continued to rise and he nearly stumbled from his hiding place. He had been bested too many times in his young life, and he wasn’t about to let it happen again. A rustle in the undergrowth, a sharp intake of breath; this time he would be victorious. He screamed as he leapt out, relished the shock on his sister’s face, laughed hysterically as she fell on her backside – “Tag, you’re it!”


James Boyt is a 31-year-old IT worker, who firmly believes that, despite lack of ideas and motivation (not to mention talent), that bestselling novel is living inside him somewhere, if he can just find someone to write it for him.