It's Time to Do Some Business

by Andrew David King

I could barely breathe in the darkness, the stale air having been circulated in this box for hours. The lid of a coffin is so much heavier from the inside, I realize, as I push with all my might, and suddenly the sunlight stings my exhausted eyes. Lifting my legs out, one at a time, I climb over the edge, my boots clanking against the riveted metal floor of the parked cargo aircraft, jumping up quickly to make sure there are no security guards around. My hands involuntarily check the pockets of my burial tuxedo, making sure the Glock 37 and my trusted Sig Sauer are still there, along with my GPS cell phone. It looks like I'm going to a funeral. And then I think, for a second, maybe I am.


Andrew David King, author of Action is Permanent, is a writer from Fremont, California. He has been published in numerous in-print and online publications, as well as alongside authors Ursula K. Le Guin, Luis J. Rodriguez, and others.

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