The Collector

by Dustin R. Packwood

The young lady licked her ruby red lips as she lovingly petted her collection of pewter figurines. She had given each of them a name based on the emotion they best represented: the embracing couple was Love; the wide-eyed warrior frozen in the act of reaching for his sword, Surprise; the man caught with his face twisted, a curse on his smeared lips, she called Anger. Sighing lustfully, she turned away from the collection to regard her guest. The small boy sat huddled in on himself, already smashed into the corner of the room but still trying to back away. Yes, she decided as she raised her wand. He would make a perfect Fear.


Dustin R. Packwood, author of Monster, has spent all 24 years of his life wishing for a pet dragon. He continues to believe that the world would be a better place with wizards, magic, and kingdoms.


Quin said...

now, i like this one.

austere said...

Etched fine. But I would have thought a broom or nasty?