The Dark Wizard

by Dustin R. Packwood

Intent to make him pay for his crimes, we tracked the dark wizard deeper into the forest. We finally caught him in a clearing, and readied our wards and enchanted weapons. As shafts of lights knifed down through the clouds, we did battle. Black robes fluttering around him, lightning arching from his palms, curse after curse rolling off his forked tongue, the demon had seemed invincible until Jonath's arrow pierced his heart. With his final, blood-flecked mutter, the dark wizard cursed the remainder of our days. Most of the time now, I cannot help but believe that he was victorious after all.


Dustin R. Packwood, author of Reflections, has spent all 24 years of his life wishing for a pet dragon. He continues to believe that the world would be a better place with wizards, magic, and kingdoms.


Madam Z said...

"I cannot help but believe that he was victorious after all."

That's negative thinking, Dustin. "Jonath's arrow pierced his heart." The wizard's dead. It's all good. You'll be getting that pet dragon any day now.

Dustin R Packwood said...

Ah, yes, but it's always the curse of the dying that gets you... ;)

And, Mrs. Z, I keep checking my mail eagerly!