Blondes Have More

by Peggy McFarland

The first day Sienna changed her hair color from her dull, natural brunette to bright, shiny, platinum blonde, the world treated her different. Men whistled when she passed them on the street; they asked her for her phone number at the deli counter; they started conversations with her while she waited for the subway. Women smiled hello when she passed them on the street; waved to her across the crowded platform as if she were a familiar friend; asked her opinions on purchases at the department store. She became addicted to the lavish attention and craved more, and figured - why only change the top of her head? Her best friend suggested enhancing the inside of her head and invited Sienna to join her book discussion group, but Sienna chose a different development. After smoothing a stray whitish-yellow strand back into place, Sienna closed her compact mirror, lowered her tight-knit sweater zipper two more inches, thrust forward her new Double D’s and strutted to the escalator.


Peggy McFarland, author of Tanning, thoroughly enjoyed blonde for six months, and wonders why she now only uses blonde highlights to cover the gray.