Silentium Est Aureum

by Anthony Teth

"Where have the hours gone?" I asked the darkness after placing my book down and rubbing my eyes. "To blissful oblivion," spoke the needle-toothed daemon crouched in the corner of my room. His leathery wings twitched reflexively as he grinned at me with a mottled, hairless, slate-grey, canine muzzle. I did not remember summoning him, nor did I specifically ask for his company, but his presence was oddly comforting, nonetheless. "We all find bliss in oblivion, it seems," was my answer. We spoke not a word to each other after that, but calmly allowed the silence to envelop us.


Anthony Teth, author of Carnality, has recently moved from the blissful colonial neighborhoods of Providence, RI, to the plastic, palm-tree infested hell-hole known as Los Angeles. He oddly believes this to be a good idea.