by Gricelda Piñon

You know how everyone wants one more moment with you? Well, I don't Kendell, I want that ONE moment, that specific month, week, day, hour, minute, second back. I want to be in that same state of mind, dream, thought that I was in. I want to have those conversations, whispers, laughs, and kisses again. I want to think that you're still a phone call away again. With this ONE moment back I can better accept your goodbye.


Gricelda Piñon is 19 years old.


Quin said...


Anonymous said...

Trust me. The hurt will go away.

Madam Z said...

Oh, dear Gricelda, if this poignant story is true, I suspect you are hoping that "With this ONE moment back," the dirty rat would change his mind. Trust me, he won't, and you should work on saying "Good riddance!"

austere said...

one day you'll say "oh yeah, oh really?" with nice practiced shrug/flounce/whtever. soon.