Making Sand Castles

by Timothy P. Remp

The sand feels warm and moist. I let it dribble through my fingers onto the top of my sand castle. Well, tall sand cone is a better description of the piled mud. I wanted to impress my son with my sculpting abilities, but the reality of it lacks the precision I can imagine. With my mind's eye, I can see large walls defying the oncoming waves of the sea... I can see tiny windows and great doors crafted with care... I can see my son's huge grin, proud of what his father can deftly create... I see, I see... dribbled sand, the crushing sea. I see my son; funny, he's smiling.


Timothy P. Remp lives in New Hampshire and works in Boston. He's been married 16 years, now with two kids, two cats. He's currently wondering what becoming a GREAT uncle will be like. He informed his niece not to call him "Great Uncle Tim" (unless she drops the "uncle" first).