Can the Lisa Clap Her Hands?

by David Drake

The audience sat silent for the young woman with the red rimmed eyes. The director stood off camera with his arms hanging at his sides like sweet sausages in an Italian deli. "Did this Lisa not realize that when the man in the blue ferret suit was extinguished with any of the alloted weaponry (swords, guns, arrows, poison), she must clap? She was purchased for this very purpose, in fact this entire audience had been attained through his-majesty's personal distributor of the lobotomized. This smacks of set-up." He looked over as the costumed body was dragged from center stage and thought "I too am a blue ferret."


David Drake is a twenty-one year old published writer and sheet metal worker in Poughkeepsie, New York. After a year of window-cleaning in Dublin, Ireland, he moved back to New York a married man with his lovely wife Gabby. They have since started a small digital photography studio out of their apartment in the hope that David can one day leave the sheet metal factory and finish off his first novella. You can see his photography at here.


Madam Z said...

I love this line: "with his arms hanging at his sides like sweet sausages in an Italian deli." I can't quite get my arms around the "blue ferret" reference though.

mgirl said...

I agree madam z, that's the line that catches me. I love your site and photographs, David, Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Cool, but confusing. Needs work in the clarity department.