Empty Page

by Kimi Goodrich

Here lies an empty page all for me. All I need to do is write on it. My story will unfold before my eyes as the ideas take form in verse, words tumbling out and letters spelling my truth. I can hit all of my thoughts out of my head and the bright endless white stretching to infinity will catch them. The oldest platform of expression is mine all mine to say whatever I want. I feel so selfish!


Kimi Goodrich, once a NYC girl, is officially a Cali girl. Woot!!


jeff alan said...

This one made me think for a moment about the nature of writer's block. Great 6S.

Anonymous said...

Love it.

V. said...

Madame G.,
You make it sound so easy. I love the image you gave the writing frenzy, "tumbling out." G-d I love it when that happens and you just catch fire. Good luck in Caulifornea. The East Coast is worse for it.

Ryan said...

Selfish? Don't forget masturbatory.

Harry said...

I've missed you Kimi and with the big move I'm sure you have tons of cool stuff percolating in that clever mind of yours. Stop telling me about the paper and spill! Really good to see you back!

Madam Z said...

Hi Kimi,
Harry said it perfectly and I ditto all his motions.

Say "Hi" to my home state for me!

Anonymous said...