by John Neal

She plays the machines like a maniac, dropping in one coin after another and smacking hard on the plastic buttons as though sheer force will land the reels in the way she wants. Meanwhile, her kids bawl and try to tear up the place. They're little monsters, but she doesn't seem to notice or care. I tell her I'm going to call the police - though I won't because I know they won't come - and I hope she'll leave on her own before I strangle one of the little shits. She makes change for five and says she's leaving after this. But she keeps playing and her kids keep crying.


John Neal is an American ex-pat who tinkers with words in Southern Spain.


Aggie said...

Parents who "don't seem to notice or care" when their kids are acting up really drive me crazy. I like how you draw attention to that.

Bob Jacobs said...

Nice 6S, John. I think she really does intend to quit. But she won't.

Anonymous said...

She may really intend to quit, but I think she can't. Poor kids...
Good 6S.