Pearl Harbor in the Rose Garden

by Madam Z

This is war! The Japanese Beetles have invaded my rose garden and inflicted incalculable damage. They have drilled holes into the tender buds and turned the formerly healthy, green leaves into dry, brown netting. Fatalities have yet to be determined. I will spare no expense, I will seek no rest, I will persist until every shiny green devil has been destroyed. Or... I could try to reason with them, explain to them how distressing it is to see them ruining my roses, and suggest they could eat the weeds instead, but if they don’t listen I will unleash my full arsenal of destruction, but not today, because it’s way too hot outside and anyway, I am sort of a pacifist at heart.


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Quin said...

madam, you must be harry truman...and tell us the results

Harry said...

Hey Z, I can relate. Though it was more like War Of The Worlds when green caterpilars as big as your finger decended from Mars on my near ready to pick tomatoes and in one night chewed every one like your aunt looking for the one jelly in a Whitman's Sampler!

reynolds said...

Heat saps my strength too. COOL STORY.

Bob Jacobs said...

Haha, I enjoyed this. Nice 6S.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully descriptive, I can easily "see" your rose garden. So happy to know someone else who speaks to garden visitors :) and also stays away from chemical deterrents.
Great six, Madam Z!