by Sondra Harris

Sometimes I feel as though my voice is making a difference, and sometimes I realize that that doesn't matter... I hear myself and I believe, and thank heavens that's enough, because it may be all there is. I write not because I am good, or because I think I can become good, but because I cannot stop. Even if I give up trying to make a living at writing, I will write. I tell my stories, with or without an audience. I share my opinions, whether or not anyone cares. Once, I wrote in a burst of six sentences, and oddly, reversing the order of the sentences, from last to first, did not change the meaning of the piece.


Sondra Harris is the author of Most Disgust and the book Getting My Think On. More of her work may be found at her website. She lives in Connecticut.


Madam Z said...

I think most of us feel like that sometimes. Just be true to yourself.

Quin said...

if anyone is true to themselves, gw is.

i read this backwards, it was interesting.

austere said...

Tough, but that's the way it is, so be it.

I tried to read this aloud a few times, but I'm not sure of the tone, is it a "stating facts" tone, or a "so there" tone, or what, I'd really like to know.

Bob Jacobs said...

Sweet 6S, Sondra, whichever way it's read.