The Red Man Feels No Pain

by Daniel S. Irwin

Getting a couple annoying skin tags cut outta the arm pit was pretty weird what with the injections, slicing, and burning to the point of creating the sound and smell of sizzling bacon. The nurse assisting the doctor was impressed by my stoic demeanor and mentioned that I didn't even flinch during the whole process. I told her that "the red man feels no pain." She remarks, "Oh, you're an Indian?" "No, that's the red man," says I. "In my case, when I get out in the parking lot, I'm gonna scream like a bitch."


Daniel S. Irwin, author of Night Passage, is an artist and writer from the hills of southwestern Illinois. His work has been published in Krax, Nuthouse, Zygote In My Coffee, Spin, Plaza, and a bunch of other places maybe better off not mentioned.