Plain Jane

by Alana Wilson

I remember when I was in the eighth grade, I was riding to school with my best friend when her mom had labeled me a "Plain Jane." Added to my already low self-esteem, this title hit me hard, I recall being very introspective; yearning that I could just once be "that girl" that walks into a room, and people begin stumbling over their conversations because they had caught sight of me. Over the years, "Plain Jane" attempted to adapt: lipstick was applied, eye shadow was placed perfectly on my eyelids, and clothing was picked out that would be fitting to the trends of those who were "eye-catchers." Little did I know that my solid attempts made me even more unrecognizable than before, because now I was wearing what every other girl was wearing; still, in a bouquet of roses, I was the baby's breath. Now, many years later, I am sitting here, still introspective, concerning myself with the fact that once I let someone else's label of me define me; it is sad how influenceable little girls can be. Signed, Yours truly, Jane.


Alana Wilson, author of Puff, the Magic Dragon, is a full-time college student, mother, wife, caregiver and slave to her extended family. (Sometimes a girl has to write to get away from it all.)


Bob Jacobs said...

Gosh. Even into her fifties my mother would talk about how her mother doted on her older brother and younger sister, but referred to her as the "Plain Jane" in the middle. It left a real mark on her.

Nice 6S.

Quin said...

even harder on our perception of ourselves is the one our peers place. grownups hurt, our peers destroy.

Madam Z said...

From one "Plain Jane" to another, I hope you have found comfort, as I have, knowing that beauty doesn't last, but brains do (at least until the Alzheimers sets in). And anyone who coins a phrase like "in a bouquet of roses, I was the baby's breath," is doing just fine in the "brains" department.

Shaindel said...

Alana! I LOVE, "still, in a bouquet of roses, I was the baby's breath." Wow!

Unbelievable, I check out 6S today before starting "kitchen duty" and find three students all on one page--You, Tana, & Elizabeth Joyner. I hope you all read each other's work...

Take care,

P.S. I have a 6S up tomorrow :-)

Anonymous said...

"Little did I know that my solid attempts made me even more unrecognizable than before"

I liked this 6s. It made a good point. :D

Elizabeth Joyner said...

Ah! That last comment was me. Didn't mean to be anonymous. :D

Alana said...

:-) Thanks for being so kind. I appreciate the comments I have received.