On Possibilities

by Ben Latini

I sat across from her at the small table and noticed that her hair was curly, but not too curly and I saw myself reflected in the window behind her with a look of alarm. I asked if we were in a coffee shop and she said, “Uh, yeah.” I wondered how I could not have known that as I held on to the table and tried to steady myself, but since the table was round it felt like I was holding the giant wheel to a giant ship. I asked her if I was a pirate and she said, “Uh, no.” That was a relief. But then I thought of all the other things which I hadn’t asked her about and therefore still might be (space alien, Korean pop star) and I was overwhelmed and scared and felt like leaning over to vomit a microcosm of the entire world.


Ben Latini really wants people to know that he exists. His blog is here.