Face Paint

by Bella B

I’m completely in your hands. The end of the paintbrush flicks fast over my pale-painted cheek in a delicately unfathomable pattern, a flower, a rainbow, a butterfly. I am transformed, and transformed by you, a stranger. Later, I sleep without washing my face; it’s late, I’m tired. And in the night, my pale cheek paints a faded multitude of flowers, rainbows, butterflies onto the pale pillow. And in the morning, I am still transformed.


Bella B, who blogs at The Flying Pen, is 14 years old and has been changing who she is since she was old enough to talk. Four younger siblings give her the excuse to use face paint on a regular basis. Hurrah. She lives in England with said siblings and unsaid parents.


Quin said...

i felt transformed with you.

Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Madam Z said...

Don't change a thing, Bella. You are perfect.

jeff alan said...

This is lovely. Nice work.

Anita Hunt said...

Really neat! You made me think of Botticelli's Flora - bellisima, Bella!

Bella B said...

Thankyou all

you changed my day from being possibly one of the worst i've encountered in just over 15 years on this planet into one of the best

Bella B