The First Year Club

A Thank You Message from Robert McEvily

Wow. September 1st, already. If your writing has appeared on this site prior to this message (or if you currently have a piece scheduled for publication), you’re officially part of the 6S First Year Club, and that means you’re officially special to me. Six Sentences began on this date last year ('06, appropriately), so no matter how long the site continues, you’ll always be one of the “originals,” one of the First Year Club, one of the people who found the site early, saw something in it you liked, and decided (generously) to share your time and talent. Everyone in the First Year Club means a lot to me, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t call special attention to a select few: Madam Z, for her singular jazziness (and for being the very first person to sign up for the 6S Newsletter); Kimi Goodrich, whose coolness made the site seem cool and helped it grow; Rod Drake, for consistently chilling our bones with style and wit; Louise Yeiser, for her graciousness, generosity and encouragement; Peter Wild, for his wild (pun intended) imagination and British flair; Quin, for her honesty and courage; and Harry B. Sanderford, for being my (and everyone’s) favorite surfing cowboy. And now, to each and every one of my fellow 6Sers – Thank You & Happy Anniversary!


Robert McEvily is the creator and editor of Six Sentences.


Quin said...

happy birthday.

and thank you for giving all of us this place.

austere said...


Madam Z said...

Thank you, Rob, for being the creative mastermind behind this entertaining and inspiring site.


jewgirl said...

congratulations! I wish you many, many more successful and fabulous years!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rob!!
I will always remember that six sentences was the first place I submitted something I wrote, and the first place that published something that I wrote!
Thanks for your encouragement.

Bob Jacobs said...

Great site, Rob. Keep up the good work.

Don P. said...

Happy birthday, 6S! Glad to be part of the First Year Club, too. Like Cole Porter said, "You're the top."

Kristen said...

Thank YOU, for having such a wonderful and fun idea that allows for pretty close to absolute creative freedom.

Madame Goodrich said...

AWWWW!!!! I am only as cool as the other writes inspire me to be....

I am now officially a California girl!!

I just moved last week! Which is why I have been so MIA.

shiny happy readers and writers said...

6S loves you!

Harry said...

Congratulations on Six Sentences turning One Rob. You've created something pretty cool and should be a proud papa.

Louise said...

Thank you, my dear Rob. You are the best!! Congratulations on a successful six sentence first year! And I would be remiss. If I didn't put this comment in the correct format. Best wishes for Year No. 02!!!