The Girl Without a Beret

by Peter Wild

The first time I saw you, you reminded me of that painting by Lucien Freud, Girl With Beret. There was something flinty and quizzical in your eyes that just seemed to flip me over like a pancake in a skillet. Not that you were wearing a beret. You were wearing a scruffy little bobble hat, I think. A bobble hat and a parka. But, all the same, that first time I saw you, I knew it: you were a work of art.


Peter Wild, author of the 6S C1 Grand Prize Winning Hugger-Mugger, is the editor of The Flash & Perverted by Language: Fiction inspired by The Fall. You can read more here.


Emily McPhillips said...

This is lovely.

Anonymous said...


I visited your site…and I was very impressed!
Beautiful work…congratulations.
Take also a look at my website…thanks and kind regards.

Madam Z said...

Peter, when I read your stories, they "flip me over like a pancake in a skillet."

Peter Wild said...

Ahw shucks... You're all too good to me!!