Discard Any Unused Portion

by Frango

Viagra pisses me off in ways hip replacement surgery does not. They both stand to improve a guy’s lifestyle — and undoubtedly, his swagger — but come on. Old legs deserve a second life. Old sperm do not. Surely, Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she set that expiration date. Okay, here’s a compromise: Could someone please invent a drug that heightens the maturity level of teenage boys — "for her pleasure?"


Frango lives near Seattle and really doesn't have issues with men or their body parts - just the drug companies that tinker with them. She promises to use more creativity and "show-not-tell" phrasings, should she ever grow the balls to submit anything, ever again, anywhere.


twizzle said...


(marshmallow, anyone?)

this was frangolicious and far too funny. I second this request.

Ellen "EJ" Sackett, said...

Brilliant. Inspired. The best. Did you write this in one breath? I wanna know. Can you say "hilarious"? I knew you could. :-) ej

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best. Always do love a good laugh. I'm in agreement, too!

Madam Z said...

It's not the "sperm" the old farts are worried about, Frango. It's the delivery system.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice. A good laugh, think I'll direct a few of my lady friends here for a read.


frango said...

Oh yes, Madam Z--I know it's all about the delivery system. But I'm suggesting we consider some of the other ramifications of keeping the old guns loaded. Thanks for chiming in!
And a muchas gracias to twizzle, ej, ethel & terah :)

twizzle said...

sigh...ramifications. now there's a loaded word if I ever saw one...if we're speaking of loaded guns, so to speak.

ahhh.this six made my week.