Accidents Happen

by Simon Stratton & Ed Bowman

"Hey Gary, just phoned to say thanks for the meal yesterday... but I should tell you that when I left your house afterwards I accidentally reversed over your cat Muscles, killing him... and now he's buried in my garden - only kidding! Just messing with you. I really called to say I won the lottery and I'm dumping you and buying some better friends - only kidding! Ha ha, of course not; in fact I've really been chosen as the new 007 and want you to play the new Bond girl – have you got a wig? Don't bother shaving your legs, I like them hairy – ha ha, no, seriously, I'm phoning because... I slept with your wife! Ha ha, no, but actually I really did run over your cat yesterday and I'm sorry."


Simon Stratton and Ed Bowman, authors of People You Meet on Holiday, met at Manchester University and now write together (occasionally).


Jp said...

That's pretty funny. Good job, guys

Madam Z said...

Hey, I know this guy! He ran over my cat! So I killed him...just kidding.

This is a fun six...seriously!

Bob Jacobs said...

Yep, fun piece.

Bob Clay said...

I ran outside to see if my cat was ok ... which is strange...cos I haven't got a cat !