Walking by the Lake

by Gillian L. Lockwood

We are walking by the lake, enveloped in the warm spring evening. A haze hovers over the water in an eerie stillness that spreads it's wings, bringing a hush upon the shore. We lower our voices in this misty light, that is neither day not night. It is as if we have entered another world, or strayed to the shore of the River Styx. We stand in silence, each of us letting our imaginations take us to a place that this scene before us conjures up. But in reality we know that we are stood watching the smog roll by, on the shores of Lake Ontario.


Gillian L. Lockwood, author of Sleepless in BC, lives in British Columbia. She enjoys reading and one day hopes to write reasonably well.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Gillian! You're a talented writer. MJ

Madam Z said...

It takes a good writer to make smog look beautiful.

Sometimes they call me Kelley, sometimes Twizzle. Sometimes a lot worse. said...

amen to madam z. beautiful Gillian