Sleepless in BC

by Gillian L. Lockwood

The digital clock tells me it is precisely eleven forty-seven. I sigh; sleep is eluding me once more. To occupy my mind I try to unearth a problem or two that I can worry about, but nothing worth losing sleep over. I could say I was pondering the effects of global warming, only being a child of the sixties, when nuclear war hung over our heads, I just can't work up the necessary enthusiasm about polar ice caps melting. It would seem for as long as I can remember man has lived on the brink of his own destruction, brought on solely by himself. No, this does not cause me sleepless nights, for it is only a matter of time before man also becomes an extinct species.


Gillian L. Lockwood lives in British Columbia. She enjoys reading and one day hopes to write reasonably well.


golfwidow said...

I like how you made what this doesn't say, as important as what it does.

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective Gillian. Funny how things matter so much, but not at all. Nice writing!

Anonymous said...

You write so well, Gillian. This piece brought back memories of when we had air raid drills in school, in the 50's. Had to get under our desks and shield our heads with our arms...also wore dog tags.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing!

madam z said...

Don't give up hope, Gillian. With 18 months to go, our Dear Leader is reviving the antagonism between us and the Russkies, so the threat of nuclear war may keep us awake at night once again.

P.S. You write VERY well!

Quin said...

the spaces between that make us think...

Anonymous said...

Some things are so massive that it's difficult to even think about them. I hope that our tiny individual efforts to look after this planet make a difference.


Sometimes they call me Kelley, sometimes Twizzle. Sometimes a lot worse. said...

I have to agree with golfwidow. I read this and think, what was she trying to not think about...what isn't she telling us?

great six Gillian.