Seven Years of Marriage

by Alana Wilson

You no longer stay awake just to watch me breathing, rather you sleep so you don’t have to hear me snoring. I have bags under my eyes and now, also, attached to my thighs. My breasts are flat; I breastfed too long, they used to find support in a bra, now they find support in my thong. I woke up this morning and found you sleeping on the floor, when I asked you why, you claimed I was a “bed whore.” I can carry more groceries in one load than anyone I know, but that’s because I am lazy and slow. You can try to bitch and complain about what I have become, but the truth is, you haven’t looked in a mirror lately either; have you my low-life scum?!?


Alana Wilson was very happily married for seven years and then year eight came, and... (no, she's kidding). She has a fantastic husband and two great kids. She's a full-time student, mother, wife, homemaker, and caretaker to her elderly great-grandmother with Alzheimers.