First Time

by Jack Swenson

They climbed the stairs that led up to the girl's bedroom, and with their backs to each other, they took off their clothes. Boo made a dive for the bed and pulled the covers up over her slender body before chubby Beany turned around; they lay side by side and stared up at the ceiling. As you might expect, it was the young woman who took matters into her own hands (ha ha), and in five minutes they were no longer children; he was one of the boys, and she was a Woman of the World. Thank God that's over she said to herself. He expressed his thoughts aloud. "Let's do it again!" he said.


Jack Swenson, author of Wonderland, teaches creative writing at a Senior Center and spends most of his spare time writing. His wife thinks he should be working in the yard. Check out his books at iuniverse.com or amazon.com.

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