People Potpourri

by hippieange83

Professor Scott prided himself on being the McCarthy of his literature classroom. If there was ignorance anywhere within his jurisdiction, he would call it out and make it known. In the absence of raised hands, he would call on unsuspecting students that he was sure would give inadequate answers to his unanswerable questions. His students would never know that his behavior was the direct result of Scott Sr, who was the Mussolini of his three bedroom brick ranch. Upon grading replies to his impassable final exam, one blank bluebook, belonging to S. Scottsdale, resonated with him. With a flourish, he scrawled a deliberate A+ on the inside cover, because Professor Scott recognized a Thoreau when he met one.


hippieange83, author of Connected?, isn't really a hippie, she just likes huge jeans and wants everyone to recycle. She loves English and spends way too much time online. She blogs here.