I Sleep Alone

by Dirty Blonde

A one night stand was inconceivable to me when I was a virgin. Because it was seemingly devoid of emotion and purpose; it was dirty; it was a waste of my time, of my sex and a blow to my self-respect. But then once I started to have it, as I saw it for what it really was and as more opportunities were made available to me, sex became solely a visceral experience and the one night stand happened very easily. Having another was even easier. And then, one day, it just became ideal. Now, the life that was once beyond my comprehension leaves everyone who once knew the old me appalled and envious of my emotionless, dirty, anonymous and perfect sex.


Dirty Blonde, author of Soul Mate Lost, doesn't need you to know her true identity, but swears that she's a real writer and a real blonde.

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Anonymous said...

Envious is the key word. Few will admit it, but it's so true.