Soul Mate Lost

by Dirty Blonde

You never sang to me, though you danced with me through our early to mid twenties. As long as there was music, we danced at any and all celebrations, as photographers and videographers immortalized our steps and as everyone else looked on in anticipation of the day that they'd see us dancing together at our wedding. But your patience ran as deeply as my impetuosity and eagerness, and after four years of waiting, I allowed myself to move on, because a decade could pass before you would actually take the next step. So, as we approach our thirties, you watched me this last time, me with my husband, as I watched you with your girlfriend, and I was grateful for the lack of music at this party. We parted ways as we always have, with a smile, a kiss on the cheek and a sarcastic comment about seeing each other again. And still, despite being married, I wait for you, to dance with you again and, at last, have you come back to sing to me.


Dirty Blonde doesn't need you to know her true identity, but swears that she's a real writer and a real blonde.


Rebecca Jane said...

Well, I only know the lyrics to this one Mastodon song called "Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife," but I'll sing it for you if you really want me to sing to you. Here goes:
"If I see you videotaping this movie
Satan will rain down your throat with hot acid
And saw your testicles
And turn your guts into snakes
This is a copyrighted movie for Time-Warner
If I found you sold it on eBay
I will break into your house and tear you wife in half"
Did I sing it in the right key? Are you happy now?

Anonymous said...

Um... what on earth are you talking about?

hippieange83 said...

Heart breaking, clear, lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing.

Anonymous said...

blehhhhch! < Is that right? I'm not sure it sounds throwuppy enough.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous #3: When I throw up, there is no 'b' sound. Eliminate the 'b' and you're good to go.

Madame Goodrich said...

Bittersweet. *sigh* I am such a sucker for romance, soul mates and clearly vomitable writing material.

writerwoman said...

Sigh, so very romantic. The ending leaves me aching.