Carmella vs. Carol

by Chris Killen

I think about Carmella for the first sixteen minutes of my shift. Then I think about Carol for the next five minutes. Then I think about Carmella for the next three minutes. Then I think about fruit and vegetables for a long time. Then I think about Carmella and Carol somehow knowing each other and being friends and both thinking I am an asshole and not talking to me and having lesbian sex together and then that not happening but maybe them just having a drunken kiss once and it being a bit awkward the next time they see each other but essentially not ruining their friendship and then a time where they are both sitting in Carol's room on her bed and looking down at Carol's knee together and Carol's knee feeling happy about being looked at. Then I go on my lunch break.


Chris Killen, author of Email to a Cat, is currently posting one chapter per day of his short novel "untitled 'supermarket nightmare'" on his blog. This piece - Carmella vs. Carol - is Chapter 34.


lunch break said...

Carmella packed you a tuna sandwich, and Carol packed you a hot dog with everything. You eat their delicious food and imagine what the two of them would be eating if they were together completely undressed and uninhibited!

Anonymous said...


chris killen said...

Carol and Carmella are suddenly completely undressed and uninhibited. exclamation mark. they are eating window-flavoured crips. they are not drunk. something outside makes the sound of a cat falling over. six sentences.

madam z said...

They don't deserve you, Chris.
I'm sure there are many other girls whose knees would feel very happy about being looked at by YOU!

chris killen said...

please introduce me to these knee-happy darlings. please tell them first that i am currently drunk and squinting and in the shape of a fallen-over cat.