Email to a Cat

by Chris Killen

I have tried to communicate something to you by crawling around on the floor and biting your kneecap. I have made the sound of a grand piano falling down a flight of stairs and crushing a stunt man. I have smoked myself to death on a Friday afternoon next to a closed window. I have written you a long email. I have, on occasion, asked you to marry me. Your eyes are like the colourful windows of a church I don't go to.


Chris Killen was born in 1981 and is currently living in Manchester. His short stories have recently appeared in Parameter Magazine, Pulp Net and 3am Magazine.


Rebecca Jane said...

And many times I have answered you, Yes! I'll marry you. I have pressed my painted lips to the church window, and smudged the glass with lipstick traces of my love for you. I saved the stunt man, and put the piano back together again. Upon it, I have pounded out loud, maudlin tunes, transposing each one into your favorite key. But I'm getting quite tired of icing my wounded knees and wrapping them in gauze, so please, at least, stop the biting!

brad said...

Now THAT's what I call a comment!!! Awesome!!!

michael said...

Excellent piece, Chris. Well done.