My Catch-22

by Maura Campbell

I need to learn to be a more gracious receiver. My daughters and I discussed this the day after my wedding anniversary as they explained to me that I'm an intimidating gift giver since I often come up with spot on choices and that makes it hard to reciprocate. And, when the gift given is not quite right or worse quite wrong, I am not very good at hiding my disappointment. They were feeling very guilty that they hadn't gotten to their dad early enough to help him choose a good 22nd anniversary gift. I mean, really, a gift certificate ordered online and printed out at 5:45 p.m. on the evening of our anniversary? Luckily for him and for me and the girls for that matter, after 22 years, he is still a very good catch.


Maura Campbell, author of My Weeble, usually writes for other people - putting words in the mouths of (and on the page for) assorted public relations and marketing clients. This time of year in Michigan, she misses the sun and finds herself longing for her home state of Colorado.

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writerwoman said...

I like how the title and the story went together. It made the title really cute, once I had read the story, and unexpected.