My Weeble

by Maura Campbell

Resiliency is an under-appreciated character trait. My mother in law is resilient; so is her granddaughter, my middle child. My daughter, in fact, may be the most resilient person I know - lord knows she's had to deal with more than most. She was diagnosed gifted with a learning disability at 7 (she can't spell and writing is painful) and bipolar at 14. Without trivializing her challenges, she is my amazing, complicated, frustrating, funny, brilliant and beloved "weeble" that wobbles but is never down for long. No matter what the setback or disappointment, she finds a way to get back up and fight or just face another day.


Maura Campbell, author of Brittle, usually writes for other people - putting words in the mouths of (and on the page for) assorted public relations and marketing clients. This time of year in Michigan, she misses the sun and finds herself longing for her home state of Colorado.

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