The Last Days of the Cross

Part 2 of 6 by Joseph Ridgwell

Soon I was well ahead of her and I crossed back over and stood outside a kebab shop - within seconds she was within sight, and no I hadn’t been imagining things because she was the most stunning girl I’d ever seen, not classically beautiful, but oddly beautiful, quirky. Her hair was died blonde and all over the place, her lips were full, and she was wearing a big plastic necklace, made up of huge white balls, and which was way too big for her long skinny neck. Her skin was honey coloured and her eyes were blue. The eyes were what did it; they were so brightly blue, unnaturally blue, a shocking aspect about her. There was no way those eyes could be natural and as she approached I tried to see if she was wearing coloured contact lenses, but to my surprise she wasn’t, those piercing Steve McQueen blue eyes were the real deal. I took a deep breath.


Joseph Ridgwell grew up in the East End of London and left school with few qualifications. He then embarked on a succession of menial jobs. After being stabbed in a bar brawl and getting robbed at knifepoint he decided it was time to leave the country and promptly travelled the world. He returned to London in 2001 where he lives and writes to this day. The Last Days of the Cross is excerpted from his latest novel. Look for Part 3 on Tuesday, April 3rd.