An Expensive Wisdom

by Jerusha Ponniah

This bookstore was unlike any other: there was only one bookshelf in it, which had one rack, which held one book, which contained one page. Of course, people being the curious people they are stopped by daily at odd hours to enter this odd shop. No one actually bought anything, for the one sole rule this shop had was No Touching the Merchandise. A tourist entered it one day and paid the sticker price of $72.50. Dozens gathered around to see what was inside of it. Lo and behold, it contained one dark, bold word: Non-Refundable.


Jerusha Ponniah is from Malaysia and constantly fights a tug-of-war battle with words.

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madam z said...

Jerusha, I hereby declare your "tug-of-war battle with words" a draw. You both won.