Three's a Crowd

by Madam Z

The neighbor's bed was squeaking again. Sadie wished the wall between their apartments were either thicker, so she couldn't hear anything, or thinner, so she could hear everything without having to put her ear up against the wall. But it wasn't thicker or thinner, so Sadie did what she did every time the rhythmic thumping started; she hunkered up to the wall and pressed her right ear tight against it. She could hear Frank going "Uh, uh" and Jane going "Ah, ah" and she started to get excited, just thinking about what was going on. Suddenly, all the sounds stopped, even though she was sure the neighbors weren't finished with their sexual exercises. She pressed her ear harder against the wall and then jumped away like she'd been shot, when she heard Jane yell, "Okay, Sadie, get away from that wall, you cheap voyeur!"


Madam Z, author of Happy New Me, knows all and hears all.


Rebecca Jane said...

Pst. Sadie. I can tell you of places where couples are trying to make babies and the walls are made of nylon with silicone.

elizabeth rose said...

love the piece...especially "hunkered". cool term.

Anonymous said...

Who can blame Sadie? Not me.