This Place

by Heather Leet

She knew that it was no use, no use at all. She was never going to escape the confines of this godforsaken place and she felt her soul tremble. She been born and raised here in this place where children aged quicker then mold grew on stale bread and her daughter was destined to live out her days in the same manner. When she had discovered she was pregnant, she dreamed of a wonderful life filled with everything someone who has nothing dreams of for their children, but those dreams were crushed under the weight that was this place with its dirt and grime and sad stories that never seemed to change. She looked down at the small bundle wrapped in pretty pink and smiled. She regretted everything and nothing.


Heather Leet is a modern day Robin Hood, but instead of stealing from the rich she cajoles them into giving her money to help fund programs that will hopefully one day make the world a better place. She spends not enough time writing on her blog, and hopes to one day publish her collection of Love Poems to Dictators.


Alexandra S said...

Oh Heterbebetterbones this is sad and fantastic all at the same time. Way to go missie!

Amy Guth said...

Way to go, Leeterloo!