Sex or Syntax

by Rod Drake

Scott was in love, actually in lust, with the desirable Chloe. He loved Chloe’s incredible body totally, fully and frequently. And Scott loved what she could, and would, do with it to him. But she peppered her conversation with endless inane expressions like “let’s meet around 3ish” and “it’s so kooky-cute” and ”wait just a min-min” and “swinging the old ick stick” and “that’s so awesome-mendous,” which bugged him no end. And he just couldn’t get Chloe to stop saying them, no matter how hard he tried, which finally made him weigh phenomenal sex against annoying syntax. So Scott broke up with her.


Rod Drake, author of Pigeons Dropping, hoped to grow up to be a cowboy, fireman or space explorer; a writer is kind of all those things. Check out Rod's longer stories in Flashes of Speculation, Fictional Musings, Flash Flooding, Flash Forward and MicroHorror.


Steven said...

Personally, I'd say Scott made the wrong choice.

madam z said...

I feel like Tonya the Tiger when I say, "Rod, you're GRRRRRREAT!"
P.S. Maybe Scott could learn a thing or two from "Theo" (the satyr) about how to deal with women's chatter...