The Vow

by Rebecca Jane

Harold was a bad kisser, and Benjamin did drugs. So, Laura married Sam because he begged her. He had assured her that marriage was the best alternative, a way to make him stop wishing to go through with the sex change operation that his family vehemently opposed. Back then Laura was not in love with Sam, but she was willing to help him avoid any unwanted sex change. Today, Laura and Sam are driving a ten-foot moving van to Massachusetts to see if they can exchange their marriage certificate for a civil union. Through years of challenges and all kinds of changes, Laura realized she was deeply in love with Sam and vowed that her love did not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation.


Rebecca Jane, author of Nor is Global Warming a Hoax, writes fiction to stay out of trouble. She always grins. She sometimes fails. She never squeals.

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Rion said...

Really wonderful. Thanks for the blast from the past.