Nor is Global Warming a Hoax

by Rebecca Jane

A recent study conducted by The Center for Humane Conduct Toward Your Fellow Man published its findings: 20% of the time, your family, lovers, associates, colleagues, and cronies are trying to intimidate you. 30% of the time, they're trying to scare you. 40% of the time, they're outsmarting you. 10% of the time, they wish to avoid you. Lesson? Don't be manipulated; hide under a rock, now!


Rebecca Jane, author of Daily Routine, writes fiction to stay out of trouble. She always grins. She sometimes fails. She never squeals.


kyle said...

For real? Unbelieveable!

Harry said...

Dont forget 50% of all humans are below average and 10% of us will buy 90% of anything we're told as long as it's backed up with a statistic.