Genesis 4

by Rod Drake

Kane Tiller knew what he had to do; it might not be legal or moral, but it was the right thing. When the deputies led the grinning, manacled murderer from the courthouse, due to be released on a technicality, the result of a police procedural mistake, Kane stepped forward from the shadows. Moving like an avenging angel, Kane put the barrel of his 7mm Glock in the prisoner’s left ear and fired before the deputies could react. The prisoner’s head exploded and he collapsed, almost simultaneously, sudden dead weight, pulling the surprised deputies down with him. As the crowd lunged inward, news media pushing their cameras and microphones close, Kane pulled back and slipped through the crowd which was straining forward, curious to see and figure out just what had happened. Walking calmly around the corner of the courthouse, Kane pulled off his rubber face mask and wig, dropped them in the trash with his gloved hands, saying to himself, “Now my brother will never hurt anyone again.”


Rod Drake, author of Sisters, often wishes he were someone else. This is not one of those times. Check out Rod's longer stories in Flashes of Speculation, Fictional Musings, Flash Flooding and MicroHorror.