Fairy Tales and Reason

by Melissa Burke

I get scared when I think about God. It doesn't seem logical that God exists. When I really think about it, God seems like a fairy tale, like a made-up story to give people comfort. I feel like REM, like I'm "losing my religion" and putting more faith in science and reason. I hope if God does exist, He won't get mad at me for thinking this way. How could He blame me?


Melissa Burke is a student at the University of Texas.


cj said...

You sound like you just took your first religious studies course.

I think the greatest thing you can do is call bullshit on everyone who has ever tried to convince you of anything and saying no to God puts you on everybody’s shit list real fast. When you grow up your parents tell you there is a tooth fairy, a Santa Claus, and a God. They eventually relent and tell you there is no tooth fairy. It’s just a story they tell you so you don’t mind losing your teeth. Then they tell you there is no Santa. It’s just a story they tell you for no real reason. No one relents about God though because God is supposed to make us fell better about dying.

We grow up knowing that every other race is going to hell because their parents trick them into believing in other Gods for their entire lives. Nobody seems to understand that the Muslims and the Jews believe in their bullshit just as much as we Catholics and the Protestants and the Christians believe in our bullshit. That if when you were born I told you an alien from space was coming back to Earth to save us and all we needed to do was give him money all of our lives he would be good to us you would believe that too. Especially if the whole town went along with it.

Religion is just another form of control exerted over people all the time. It’s a way to tell stupid people not to fuck there sisters or eat pork because it’s bad for you. It isn’t studied today as a scholarly endeavor that calls it’s aspects into question. People don’t ‘think’ about religion. People are taught not to ‘think’ about religion. Because the moment you ‘think’ about it, it all falls apart. You are taught to believe, blindly, and unquestionably. That is the best way. Well, that’s the only way. Because the moment you say, “why should we do this?” it all untangles really fast.

Religions strongest hold over people is conditioning. You fell bad for questioning it, for speaking against, for going against the heard. Why should you feel bad? Isn’t it odd we should feel so torn up inside for wondering why we celebrate Jesus birthday in the wrong month and season? Any priest will tell you Christmas is in December because it was a PR move to convert pagans to Christianity silently. Well, why? Are we not grown up enough for you start telling us the truth instead of morality stories that nobody follows?

If you look at Islam and Judaism you’ll find there are longer stories about Adam and Eve. There are more details to the events of the lives of people like Jesus and the other prophets. It makes you go, wait, “why do you learn about the same people we learn about?” What it makes me say is, “why are your stories longer than ours? Who cut them down?”

I don’t believe in any bull shit people try to spring on me. Everybody is grasping at straws so they can fell better about this hard to understand existence. Although I think Buddhism in its concept has the best ideas it’s American followers are all hypocrites and idiots just like all other followers of all other religions. They mean well though but defending your ideas and arguments with rhetoric and circular reasoning is not a reason for me to live my life by anyone’s rule book. Even God’s.

RomanceWriter said...

I like how your story asks eternal questions.

Bob Jacobs said...

For God's sake, cj! There is no Santa??? Did you have to post that? Now I can't sleep at night. You should have more consideration for other people before you post such things, or give a warning first or something. I just hope my kids don't read your comment. Saying there's no God is one thing, they can deal with that. But no Santa, how am I going to explain that if they ask?

Nice 6S, by the way, Melissa.

Ken Sear said...

Melissa, great 6S. Keep us thinking!

cj, dude, it's 6S! Dude, count!