Six Sixes by Grace Andreacchi

an Online Magazine from Six Sentences

Grace Andreacchi is now our third featured author with a collection of six original six-sentence pieces. To view the magazine, just click the blue “OPEN PUBLICATION” tab above. You’ll be taken inside, where you can turn the pages by clicking the arrows to the left and right. To view a “full screen” version, once inside, just click the diagonal arrows above the document (located to the left of the little envelope). Enjoy!


Six Sentences provides more Vitamin C than six full glasses of orange juice.


natasha said...

I'm glad I logged in. Great read!

Anonymous said...

Beatuiful. A wonderful variety and so many subtle strands of sensibility and emotion.

Lisa M said...

This is a wonderful collection of stories! Each one stands alone as a great story, but they all come together so nicely.

Joe said...

Great collection of stories. The Paris ones reminded me of being back there once again. Great job!