Honey Gets Her Wish

by Brad Rose

Like electrons darting stochastically about an atom's nucleus, the flies circle the victim's dead body - a noisy hum against the murder scene's otherwise grim silence. I hate this part of the job, but I steel myself, reach into the dead man's sharkskin suit-coat pocket, and remove his cell phone. Checking the phone's call history, I hit redial, and wait as the phone dials the last number the dead man called, only an hour earlier. A number accompanied solely by the name "Honey." Three rings, and a woman's furious voice commands, "Don't you ever, ever, call me again." The phone goes dead.


Brad Rose is the author of Pink X-Ray, from which these six sentences are excerpted. His website is here.


metheothertwin said...

Still listening and chuckling. Nice write.

Gita Smith said...

Really? The flies showed up within an hour of death? Yikes.