A Brief Talk with a Man Who Fell Off a Cliff

by Gita M. Smith

He said he was surprised how little time it took to hit the ground. He thought it would take longer. Thought that he'd have time to see the purple swallows nested in the crags. I asked him where he hurt, and he said everywhere, seeing as he'd landed not on sand but on a rock outcropping. They are so brave, he said, right before he died. He indicated with his eyes the nests built on the jagged stone, cosseting their eggs against the wind.


Gita M. Smith is saving up to go to Patagonia. A story of hers was nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize, but so were 25,000 others. She posts stuff here.


Harry said...
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Harry said...

Something uplifting about this fellow's fall. Undying admiration without a hint of jealousy over his own inability to fly.

Wonderful new Six, Gita!

Michael Dennis Brown said...

As with most pieces written by Gita, you get the FULL story, and here you get it in a nutshell (or on a craggy outcrop). Excellent work.