by Ronald Muncie

Well I suppose it's time I write the memo. I've been meaning to write a memo to everyone about not talking so loudly in the office, and switching smart phones to vibrate so we're not all subjected to all those fucking obnoxious ring tones or whatever the hell you call them. But I can't. I just don't feel like writing the memo. I just don't feel like spending my time composing something sure to be ridiculed, or at best, ignored. So... I'm thinking about buying an assault weapon and doing that thing everyone seems to be doing lately.


Ronald Muncie enjoys reading and writing fiction.


Harding Jamie said...

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Christina I said...

Great piece. The speaker's angst and frustration builds up delicately to the "what if" at the end. Nothing is overdone here- which is often hard to accomplish with such a dark undertone. Nicely done.